Cely’s House Creative Workshops


Welcome to Cely’s House - a place where creativity is nurtured and encouraged and every day is filled with new adventures.

Whether you are young or older, feel artistically inspired or just want to have fun, there are plenty of creative choices and activities to explore !

Pottery classes for all ages, both handbuilding and wheel throwing, are offered at Cely’s House.
Weekend workshops or ongoing group lessons can be set up as desired.

Summer art camps are offered from June through August and celebrate the many different ways
children can express themselves through art.

Come celebrate your birthday or anniversary in a unique way at Cely’s House. We will
use clay to create pottery dragons, butterflies, jewelry boxes, or fanciful sea creatures.
Any size group is welcome and you can also enjoy a shaded play area with swings,
stepping logs, and, of course, the famous zipline !

Everyone is welcome to visit Cely’s House and together we will discover
new ways to enjoy the arts and each other !